If you want to buy from Bernese mountain dog Breeders then you can search online as a lot of dogs are being sold online. A Bernese mountain dog is a calm and friendly dog. You can make them a house pet and you wont regret it. However, you should not buy from any breeder since there are a lot of advertisements out there especially on the Internet. You should ask a lot of questions to the breeders so you will get your moneys worth. This dog is even seen participating in a lot of sports activities including herding, tracking and carting. Of course, it would also be a good idea to ask if the breeder gets his dog to the veterinarian at once in every 3 months. That would be very important because nobody would want to buy a sick dog. This dog is a perfect family dog which is one of the reasons why a dog is mans best friend. This dog also has a strong desire to please so you will never get bored whenever you are around this dog.

Bernese mountain dog Breedersknow this dog is the most well known breeder from Switzerland. This is the reason why they breed so many of these dogs. These dogs require frequent human companionship so if it misbehaves then it requires your full attention. You just cant leave this dog in a cage by itself because it will snap if you do that. There are so many things to ask from a breeder including how to take care of it because you should make a list on the things you need to remember when taking care of a Bernese mountain dog. It should not exercise that much because it needs energy to put on weight and build strong bones. It is no secret this dog will do everything to protect its family. It also loves to be trained so it is no surprise that it is eager whenever there is a trainer nearby directing it to do something. The dog also loves cold weather because of its thick skin. A dog is a mans best friend and this dog is a good example of that. You can go near it if you are feeling down and lonely. A lot of people dont know this but this dog requires consistent grooming so you would need to instruct someone to groom it if you are too busy with that task.