Having a Bernese Mountain Dog can be very rewarding, but it also means having that responsibility to take care of it the right way. Actually, Bernese Mountain Dog Care can be done by almost anyone.  Owners should just remember the dos and don’ts for bringing up this type of dog breed.

One the basic things about Bernese Mountain Dog Careis vaccination. Once a person gets the dog from a breeder, it is important that it gets its yearly vaccinations to be immune from various diseases. Worming an adult dog may also be necessary from time to time. Flea control may also be done depending on the dogs needs.

When feeding a Bernese Mountain Dog, owners should know that they should only give high quality dog food to their pets. Ideally, crude protein should not be higher than 20 percent, while crude fat should not be more than 9 percent. It is also advisable not to use canned food when feeding the dogs. It is only given when a dog is extremely underweight or when a veterinarian finds a need for it. But for normally healthy dogs, it is not recommended.

To avoid bloating, people can put the food at an elevated position. With that, the dog wouldn’t need to lean down just to eat their food. All they need to do is tilt their heads. An hour before or after eating, it is also not recommended to make the dog exercise to give it time to digest the food.

Bernese Mountain Dog Carealso includes some training. It is advisable to train dogs while they are puppies so that they will grow up with very impressive skills and manners. These dogs can undergo obedience training, and its good to know that they are fast learners so people won’t have a hard time teaching them. But trainers need to be very gentle since they will most probably not respond positively to harsh methods. This dog breed can also be sensitive so be sure to be patient during training.

While they are still puppies, it is good when these dogs already get used to having people around them. Bernese Mountain Dogs can be very shy, but when their owners take time to surround them with some people, the dogs will eventually get used to it and will become friendlier with strangers.

Bernese Mountain Dog Carerequires proper grooming. Its recommended that owners brush the dogs coat on a daily basis since it is a heavy shredder. Bathing the dog should be done frequently or only when the need arises. And every couple of weeks, the nails of the dog should be trimmed.