What sets the Bernese Mountain Dog apart from other breeds of dog? One of the most distinct characteristics the Bernese Mountain Dog has, aside from its exceptional pulling power (it is one of the best working dogs you will ever find around among all the other breeds of working dogs), is its striking and beautiful coat. Since this was a dog which originated in the Mountains, particularly the Swiss Mountains, it has a trademark tri-color marking of a black, white, and rust colored fur coat. The Bernese Mountain Dog, however, is the only breed among all the other breeds of dog from these Mountains, which as a trademark long, silky coat. This protected them from cold temperatures, which were where they were bred. It is for this reason, that Bernese Mountain Dog grooming is a very vital part when a Bernese Mountain Dog is the topic of any conversation.
That long fur coat which the Bernese Mountain Dog possesses sheds a lot, especially around the warmer months, but fear not, for even if grooming habits regarding this dog a vital part of their overall maintenance, the Bernese Mountain Dog generally requires minimal grooming. Its coat is naturally silky, and is naturally beautiful, making it a fairly easy dog to take care of with regards to grooming.

Bernese Mountain Dog grooming is generally the same with grooming any other breed of dog with a long, silky fur coat. Your only real concern would be when this breed of dog sheds. Not sparing any corner of a home from its hairs, the Bernese Mountain Dog will fill your home with black, white, and rust hairs, as if you actually own a number of pets around the house. A weekly brushing will take care of this otherwise very minimal concern.

When it comes to Bernese Mountain Dog grooming, it is best to consult professional dog groomers, as they might be more knowledgeable when it comes to this breed of dogs shedding patterns, and when or when not to brush its coat.

Overall, Bernese Mountain Dog grooming is a fundamental part of taking care of the Bernese Mountain Dog. Though fundamental, it is not to be given as much as larger concern over the overall health problems of the Bernese Mountain Dog. You can sleep soundly at night knowing that you do not need that much work when it comes to grooming this dog; better prepare to clean up your home of its hairs, though!