The Bernese mountain dog is one of the most beautiful and popular breeds. It has long tail, a broad, flat head, and a very straight and strong muzzle. Interesting Bernese mountain dog information is that it is tri-color, featuring symmetrical markings of black, rust, and white; its long, thick coat is also weather-resistant

In the short life that it lives, shorter when compared to other dogs, it is very loyal and friendly. Possessing intelligence, they do not have that much need to be dominant. And according to Bernese mountain dog information, it is very self-confident and can socialize very well, especially when it is still a pup.

Friendly even to strangers, the Bernese mountain dog requires a lot of attention from people. And although it is be quite fragile and inactive, they do well in large, fenced areas.

One of the main reasons why families adopt a Bernese mountain dog is the fact that it is family-friendly. And despite it being so friendly, it is a great watchdog as it has herding instincts and is quite protective.

However, its friendliness does come with a downside. The Bernese mountain dog is very needy, and as such, owners will have to devote a lengthy period of time to bond with the pooch.  

When it comes to grooming it, one significant detail to note is the fact that it sheds heavily all year-round, so brushing it daily is crucial so as to avoid mats, tangles, and etc. For periods of light shedding, owners can make do with a brushing it once a week.

As for training it, though the Bernese mountain dog lives to please the people it loves, it can be difficult to teach them even the basics. So owners must have a lot of patience if they want their Bernese to be obedient and follow commands.

Bernese mountain dog information states that male dogs grow from 24 to 28 inches, or 61 to 71 centimeters, and female dogs can grow from 23 to 27 inches, or 58 to 69 centimeters

Coat Care
Careful brushing of its long thick coat is very important, especially when it is shedding

Requires shampooing while taking a bath and dry shampoo

Family Life
Very friendly; can easily adapt into any kind of family environment as it gets along very well with children and other domesticated animals

Though the Bernese mountain dog is well-suited for any family, the Bernese mountain dog is very needy, requiring large amounts of attention to them

The Bernese mountain dog has a life expectancy of 6 to 8 years
According to Bernese mountain dog information, it is very prone to cancer, as well as bloat, eyelid problems, hip and elbow dysplasia

Bernese mountain dog information suggests it needs little to no exercise as it has a heavy bone structure

The Burmese mountain dog can be quite challenging to train as it has a shorter lifespan compared to other dogs; it can only go active for short periods of time; and it can take a while for it to mature