What makes the Bernese Mountain Dog so special? These great working dogs might just be the strongest dogs around. One Bernese Mountain Dog once carried around 2,200 pounds of total weight, a full ton. That feat, although exceptional, is not uncommon for the Bernese Mountain Dogs, as they were specifically bred for that exact purposeto pull and carry.

From the moment they start out as Bernese Mountain Dog puppies, this breed of dog is a working dog by heart. They will do whatever you may ask them or require them to do. Add that to the fact that they are already naturally friendly dogs and love to socialize, and you have a dog willing to make its master or owner satisfied and pleased. This willingness and natural affinity to socialize, however, does not come out until a later stage of their adulthood, unless brought out by you yourself.

Bernese Mountain Dog puppies are shy towards strangers and other animals, totally and completely unlike themselves when they grow up to be adults. They are slow to mature, as they still act like puppies right around up to their adolescent years. It is for this reason that you have to socialize them well with other dogs, other animals, and strangers as young they are as you possibly can.

They also pose a significant concern if not trained early on that that the owner is the master and the Alpha. These dogs are more of pack dogs, and need the owner, the masters guidance for them to be able to grow up the way you want them to. Again, it is for this reason that you have to instill in those Bernese Mountain Dog puppies of yours great leadership skills. This is why the Bernese Mountain Dog is not for the novice dog owner.

Aside from these issues such as the late blooming from the Bernese Mountain Dog, and the natural need for authority, they are generally like other breeds of large dogs when it comes to other aspects such as grooming, training, and overall temperament.

Bernese Mountain Dogs unfortunately have a short life expectancy, living for only 6 for up to 8 years at maximum. Make it a point to savor and cherish every moment you have with these dogs from them being Bernese Mountain Dog puppies right up to their adulthood. They are great dogs which need more years in their average life span.

Bernese Mountain Dog puppies come at varying prices, and may also come from different sources. Anywhere from the dog or pet stores, to specified and selected breeders, to sometimes even rescue homes or adoption shelters, wherever your Bernese Mountain Dog comes from, it will surely never fail to please.

Price for puppies of this breed of dog vary as well, as they are a pretty great dog to have, so expect prices to be in the medium-ranged areas.

Overall, the Bernese Mountain Dog is one dog which will make any familys life complete. Go and get yourself one now!