What could possibly be cuter than a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy? Its cute face, its round eyes, those small paws which will later on grow to become some of the strongest paws, along with its legs overall, and its great and beautiful fur coat of three distinct varying colors, have certainly made the Bernese Mountain Dog puppy one of the cutest puppies out there. During puppyhood, however, the Bernese Mountain Dog poses a few concerns that, although very minor, are still worth knowing, especially if you yourself already have one of these dogs still in puppyhood.

The Bernese Mountain Dog matures later than other breeds of dog. When other dogs enter their adolescent months, the Bernese Mountain Dog might still be acting like a puppy at right around the same age. This is not completely a bad thing, as they will eventually grow out of it. Be sure, however, to not wait until they are complete adults before you start training them. Training of a Bernese Mountain Dog, as it is with any other breed of dog, works best when done around the formative months of a dog, at about 4 to 5 months after they are born. Make sure to train your Bernese Mountain Dog puppy this early on, to avoid them becoming individualistic and stubborn.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are generally great family dogs. They are particularly fond of children, and are not so fidgety when it comes to strangers around them or other animals around them. As long as you train them right, and early on, to be comfortable around strangers and other animals, they will pose no real issue regarding strangers and other pets. How can anyone possibly resist a dog this mild-mannered, naturally sociable, and have a great relationship with humans?

If you want a dog which your children will love, a dog which will require minimal grooming (albeit a heavy shedder), a dog which would love to work for you no matter what that task may be, and a dog which you will cherish for as long as it lives, there is no better breed of dog other than the Bernese Mountain Dog.What are you waiting for? These dogs might pull for a living but they will not pull themselves to you; get your very own Bernese Mountain Dog puppy now and start making it work. You are certainly not going to regret getting one of these magnificent dogs.