When it comes to a great, mild-mannered, and family-oriented temperament, arguably no other breed of dog beats the Bernese Mountain Dog in having one of the best temperaments of any breed of dog. The Bernese Mountain Dog temperament often is what future Bernese Mountain Dog owners look for. There is not much you may want more from this breed of dog. From its amazingly furry and beautiful and elegant appearance, its impeccable intelligence, unequaled strength and its natural affinity with people, the Bernese Mountain Dog a dog which will never have the temperament that of the more aggressive dogs.

In general, the Bernese Mountain Dog temperament ranges from good natured, to docile and highly trainable, to relatively welcoming to strangers, to self-assured. They are never shy, aggressive or even fidgety or give off an uneasiness. They love children and will always live to please their masters or owners. Bernese Mountain Dogs will more often than not always submit to whatever their master or owner should please to do. They will follow you, if you happen to be their master or owner, if you make them feel that you are the Alpha, and no the other way around.

As all dogs have differing and varying personas and temperaments, Bernese Mountain Dogs are sort of somewhat the exception to that rule. Unless you have not made your presence felt as these dogs pack leader, the Alpha, then the Bernese Mountain Dog is almost the only breed of dog which has the same temperament as with all other dogs in its breed type.

These are dogs which love to work, for that is what they were bred to do. Make them work and pull carts, to further build that famous Bernese Mountain Dog temperament. Expect them to become even more submissive to you after you have made them work.

There are Bernese Mountain Dog temperament training procedures, to give your Bernese Mountain Dogs that temperament that you want it to have, instead of the one it has now. Though, these training procedures are highly unnecessary for training these dogs by yourself to make their temperaments suit your preferences will never prove to be a challenge given the already great-naturedness of the Bernese Mountain Dog.

The temperament of the Bernese Mountain Dog will forever make it a true friend for life for any human individual. No other dog may even compare and dare challenge this overall magical dog.