Bernese mountain dogs are known for being gentle giants. For first time dog owners and those with families, this breed will prove to be a gentle and loyal companion, protecting your property in times of need. Also, Bernese mountain dog training is quite easy as they are very obedient to their owners. However, if you are going to do some Bernese mountain dog training, make sure that you spare your pet from punishments because they react to the slightest reaction from humans. And if they feel offended, they might not have a great reaction to you. You could get hurt. However, if you want to train your Bernese mountain dog, you can choose to use a more positive approach. Though they sometimes need time to think things over, they catch up with the tricks pretty fast. They are an intelligent breed although they might seem slow at first. But thats just how they are. They can handle obstacle courses and other tricks well as long as you let them know that theyre doing the right things.

You can also employ a leash training session for them because the Bernese mountain dog tends to pull on a leash while walking. While he or she is young, you must train your dog to follow you as you hold the leash. This should be done while they are not as heavy because when that time comes, it might be difficult to train them to follow you. However, once they get used to the leash, they will eventually enjoy walking with you.

Bernese mountain dog training also involves the teaching of the basic obedience rules such as sit, stay, down and the recall. This will allow you to have a good relationship with your dog from early on. This will also allow your dog to respond to these commands even when they are made by other people. The Bernese mountain dog, as well as all other dogs needs to know these basic commands for life to become much more convenient for their owners. This dog is also quite the active and jumpy one. So while they are young, you can train them to calm down in your presence as well as those of strangers as some people might be scared at the thought of a dog jumping on them.

Training your Bernese mountain dog is fairly easy. Even if youre a novice dog owner, you will enjoy training this dog. They are kind and happy unlike other dogs that could be threatening to your safety. However, you must make sure that your dog is trained well so that he or she will know how to act in front of others. It is also necessary so that they will grow up to be such loyal pets to you or your family. Dogs really are a mans best friend. And if you teach and train them well, they will become such an important part of your life. You will surely love your well-trained Bernese mountain dog.