Tough, loyal and friendly is what the Bernese mountain dog is known for. Bred to be an all-around farm dog, a Bernese mountain dog is known to be intelligent and imposing yet friendly when involved with other pets. Despite its large size, their farmland breeding keeps them from being too aggressive against other animals or humans that they have to live with, this makes them ideal for children.

They are a rather large breed, whose tri color facial look stands out distinctively among other breeds. Being raised for farm work, the Bernese mountain dog is classified as a so called working dog. This means that a Bernese mountain dog is not just used for one sided tasks such as herding or hunting but also for protection.

Owners of a Bernese mountain dog usually describe their pets as outgoing and rather fond of other humans. Being a rather hairy breed they are known to enjoy long hikes but are also well behaved when indoors. Because of their Swiss Alpine origin and their mountain dog build the Bernese mountain dog is known for its ability to maintain amazingly powerful bursts of speed, though it has to be motivated by an outside force. The Bernese mountain dogs large build and speed capability can be attributed to its mountain dog build, like many animals or humans that are conditioned for low oxygen, uphill movements and treacherous terrain; a Bernese mountain dogs build would consist of strong legs, tough joints and a good cardiovascular system. Unfortunately because of its mountain dog traits a Bernese mountain dog can become rather lethargic if it is kept indoors after some time, as for a mountain dog breed this somewhat goes against its breeding.

The Bernese mountain dog has originated from the cold Swiss Alps, a region known for being a strategically important part of Switzerland. But despite the Swiss Alps nature as a snowy mountain, much of the Swiss Alps has been set as a tourist destination by the Swiss Government. The Swiss Alps nature as a snowy yet habitable land has paved the way for the Swiss to take up residence in there. Over the many years the residents of the Swiss Alps have been known for their production of Swiss cheese, of course what is needed for cheese are cows. This is where the Bernese mountain dog comes in, theirtoughness and strength allows them to easily herd cows and also to protect them. A Bernese mountain dogs friendliness and fondness of humans must also come from their innate personality as working dogs, which required them to be much more sociable with other animals and different humans. Though it first began as a farming dog breed, the Bernese mountain dogs status as a working dog stemmed when the animals strength when farmers would actually use the Bernese mountain dog to pull carts. The Bernese mountain dogs strength is vital for its survival in the Swiss Alps cold alpine pastures. Bernese mountain dogs get their name from the area in which they originated the Canton of Bern in Switzerland. They are also part of a family of Swiss Alp dog types called the Sennenhund. Sennenhund basically means alpine pasture dog though it is usually translate to Mountain dog to easier fit its Swiss background. The Sennenhund family only has 4 types which are the Entelbucher Mountain dog, Appenzeler, the Bernese and the largest of the Sennenhund the Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund or Greater Swiss Mountain dog.

The Sennenhund breed are said have originated from Roman Molossers, a rather large breed of dogs used as war dogs in which they were sent as an initial shock troops during an attack. Though some will argue that the Sennenhund were part of an earlier wave of migration by ancient Europeans, predating the Roman expansion. This puts them at around the Neolithic age.

Among the many hardy European breeds the Bernese mountain dog known for the three colors that embody its face. Brown spots are positioned just above its eyes while its muzzle is coated in a beautiful white streak. Part of its cheek is brown while the rest of its face is covered in black fur, this makes it seem like the Bernese mountain dog`s face is covered in a black helmet. The size of a Bernese mountain dog ranges from around 2 feet tall with males being slightly taller than females by only 2 or 3 inches. Male Bernese mountain dogs usually weigh around 50 kilos while Females weigh less at 48 kilos.

Bernese mountain dogsare known caring and intelligent dogs clearly reflecting their past as farm dogs. But also because of their breeding as working animals, they can be considered docile reflecting their instincts for being working animals. The breed is also remarkably patient as they have been known to tolerate children climbing over their back. While they are a kind breed, their temperament does not apply to all of them and of course only you the owner truly know your dog.